Sometimes, the best promotion a medical facility can receive is through testimonials from happy patients. At Oak Hill Eye Care, our goal is to make every single patient feel like the only one, and we get the process started the minute you walk through the door.

Here are just a few testimonials from the many patients that have had successful treatment with Oak Hill Eye Care.

Quickly updating about a year post-procedure, and am happy to report that I’m still rocking 20/20 vision. I experienced dry eyes for probably a few months post procedure – not too serious, but needed drops a couple times a day for comfort. I still use them once or twice a day, most-needed first thing in the a.m. Even after wearing significant correction for 30 years, there might be days or weeks at a time now where I don’t even think about my vision. It’s just a new fact of life that I can see well. I think that says about as much as I can say. Thanks again to the Eye LASIK team!

Mike W.

Thank you and your office for your kindness and care during my LASIK procedure. I am so happy. It is the most wonderful thing to wake up and see clearly!

Mirjana H.

Thank you for my Superman eyesight! I’ve had only the best results. Your expertise and precision are bragged about daily! Thank you!

Michael L.