Radio frequency (RF) treatment involves the application of electromagnetic waves in the radio frequency range to the eyelids. Delivering controlled heat to the meibomian glands, stimulating glandular activity and improving the quality of meibum, the oily substance produced by the glands.

The benefits of radio frequency treatment for dry eye include:

  1. Improved meibomian gland function: The controlled heat generated by the RF energy can help liquefy and express the thickened meibum, allowing for better glandular flow and secretion. This can help address the underlying blockages or dysfunction associated with meibomian gland dysfunction.
  2. Enhanced tear film stability: By improving the quality and quantity of meibum, RF treatment can contribute to a more stable tear film, reducing tear evaporation and improving ocular surface lubrication.
  3. Reduction in inflammation: RF treatment has been suggested to have anti-inflammatory effects, which can help alleviate the inflammation associated with meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eye.
  4. Increasing collagen production in collagen producing cells. 


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